September Campaign 2013

Water can change every aspect of life in Orissa, India. Watch the video to see how.

The September Campaign is now closed. Thanks to your support, we're on track to bring clean water to 35,000 people in India.

In September 2013, over 800 fundraisers helped raise $1.6 million for water projects in Orissa, India. We'll keep everyone who contributed to this campaign updated on the progress as our local partner completes work on the ground.

Clean water and sanitation help break the cycle of poverty and promote social equality.

Empowered Women

Piped water at home relieves the burden on women and gives them time to improve their lives.

Meet Bhagyalata

Social Equality

Working on a water project together creates a sense of equality and community in villages.

Meet Ram

Healthier Kids

Household toilets and bathing rooms restore health and cleanliness to every family.

Meet Rahul

Our local partner, Gram Vikas, fights for the most marginalized people in Orissa, India.

“Just because a person is poor, it doesn’t mean they deserve poor solutions.” Tweet

Joe Madiath, Founder of Gram Vikas

Joe Madiath, the founder of our local partner, Gram Vikas, has built an organization focused on equality and human dignity. Through their water and sanitation program, Gram Vikas has helped over 1,000 rural communities break the cycle of poverty by providing access to high-quality water solutions.

Their approach demands a high level of community participation -- every single family, without exceptions, must adopt the Gram Vikas model of total sanitation before the village can receive clean water.

Every family receives the same high quality solution: three taps, a toilet and a shower in their home.

Showers and
toilets first

Each family must construct their own toilet and bathing facility before the water system is built.

A village
water tower

The community comes together to build a water tower which stores water from a reliable source.

3 taps in
every home

Each household gets three taps with a piped water supply — one in the kitchen, bathroom and shower.


clean water for one person in Orissa, India


clean water for an entire family


clean water for the entire community