Rachel’s wish brought clean drinking water to 37,770 people in Ethiopia.

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Rachel’s Impact

After Rachel passed away in July 2011, people around the world heard her story and began to donate to her 9th birthday wish campaign. Together, they changed thousands of lives in Tigray, Ethiopia.

$ 1,265,823

Was raised through Rachel's
9th birthday wish campaign.


People have access to clean
water because of Rachel's wish.


Water projects were built
because of Rachel's wish.


Donations were made by
people all around the world.

A Map of Rachel’s Projects

Rachel’s original birthday campaign funded 143 water projects. Since then, her family has continued to fundraise in her memory. Today, Rachel’s story has helped bring clean water to more than 37,770 people in Ethiopia.

A Message from Rachel’s Mom

Rachel’s 9th birthday wish inspired thousands of people around the world and reminded us all that even after a tragic loss, it’s possible to find hope.

Rachel’s mom, Samantha, thanks everyone who donated and made Rachel’s wish... a legacy.

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