Xochi gave up her 40th birthday to raise $20,850 for clean water projects in Cote d'Ivoire.

She's the brilliant co-founder of Birthday Alarm, Bebo and most recently, The Monkey Inferno (an incubator for internet projects). She and her husband, Michael, have been a huge part of charity: water from the beginning. In fact, they've been part of the Well, a membership program that funds our operating costs, since 2009. Their generosity continues to amaze us.


How seriously do you embrace the spotlight on your birthday? I generally keep it low-key unless it is a big one. Last year was my 41st birthday. I tried not to celebrate it, but my friends threw me a surprise party -- which completely caught me off guard. It was wonderful having a party with close friends, and I didn't have to plan it!

Why did you decide to do a birthday campaign for clean water? It's important to provide clean drinking water to developing countries; it changes the lives of everyone, especially children and women. It is a wonderful way for my family and friends to contribute on my behalf to a cause which is so important in my life.

Name your top three mandatory birthday treats/indulgences. Cake, champagne and family.

Which birthday do you remember looking forward to most -- and why? I definitely remember ten being a big year for me. I finally reached double digits, and I was very excited. I couldn't wait to grow up! Now I am trying to slow down time.
Which birthday would you love to re-live -- and why? 
I would want to re-live my 40th birthday. I celebrated for the whole month, and it was a great reason to get in touch with old friends and hang out with people you always mean to see but for some reason never have the time to do so.

Best birthday surprise you've ever received? 
My husband, sisters and children surprised me with a 35th birthday party. I was in shock for the first half hour. It was a wonderful day. My husband took me to breakfast, then to a local spa for a few treatments and back to the house to get ready for dinner. I was unaware at the time but it was a ploy to get me out of the house for the day. When I returned my friends, family and children were waiting inside for the big surprise. My sisters spent the day cleaning my house and getting ready for the party. They also bought me three dresses to try on for the evening. They thought of everything. It was a wonderful day.