Rob pledged his 43rd birthday to raise money for clean water projects this year.

He's a fantastic author and pastor-- thoughtful, conversational and very easy to like. In 2011, he was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by TIME Magazine. Rob and his wife, Kristen, have long been good friends of ours and this past year became supporters of the Well, a membership program that funds our operating costs. He recently set his sights on out-raising Adam Lambert's $323,801 birthday campaign. We hope he pulls it off.


Why did you decide to pledge your next birthday campaign for clean water? I'd heard about the campaign from Scott and thought it would be fascinating just how much could be raised -- and then there was that moment of "So what are you waiting for?"

How seriously do you embrace the spotlight on your birthday? Last year I called my friends and asked them to meet me at one of my favorite beaches, and I went and bought 50 tacos and my friend Dave brought drinks (because we all have that friend who brings the drinks, don't we?). We all surfed, ate tacos and made a giant fire on the beach. It was perfect.

Name your top three mandatory birthday treats/indulgences. Family and friends, tacos, and of course surfing. What else is there?

Most embarrassing birthday wish you've ever made? Like I would actually say it here.

Which birthday do you remember looking forward to most -- and why? My 40th for sure, because I had this sense that I'd never felt younger in the ways that actually matter. And it's been true; in the past few years I've felt more full of life than ever.

Which birthday would you love to forget -- and why? When I was five I got so excited with all of the friends and presents and food that when it came time for the cake, I burst out in tears and ran upstairs and hid in my bedroom.

Best birthday surprise you've ever received? My mother-in-law got me a vintage Guild D-25 guitar when Kristen and I were first married. (Guitar nerds will know exactly how awesome that gift is...)

What birthday gift did you ask for and never receive? I'd like to raise the most money ever for charity: water's birthday project--oh wait! That actually could happen!

Most unusual birthday gift you've ever received? You wouldn't believe the things people give their pastors - things they've cooked and knit and spray painted and shot and carved and written... unbelievable. And you wouldn't believe how many of those folks found a way to stitch/etch/paint/carve LoveWins on the gift somewhere. Classic.