Philip pledged his 38th birthday to raise money for clean water projects this year.

He's an entrepreneur and the founder of several Internet companies, including an online advertising market site called AdBrite, a social media sharing site called Blippy, and the social network for musicians where he currently spends most of his time, Fandalism. He plays the drums, loves heavy metal, and in the tech scene is known to be one of the most friendly and funny entrepreneurs. Though we've only recently gotten to know Philip, we're sure he will be doing great things for clean water very soon.


Why did you decide to do a birthday campaign for clean water? Clean water is important and not enough people have it. Also, I was told my original campaign, codenamed "charity: ice cream cake," was too ambitious.

How seriously do you embrace the spotlight on your birthday? My birthday is a pretty big deal. Here in San Francisco there's a big parade. People dress up and go to parties, give out candy, carve pumpkins... Hey wait, dang it, my birthday is October 30 and all this time I thought... well, never mind.

Most embarrassing birthday wish you've ever made? I was 14 or 15, blew out the candles and made a silent wish. My obnoxious older brother said "what's her name?!" Turns out he was partly right. But the wish wasn't about any girl in particular. It was more... in general.