Mikey pledged his 30th birthday to raise money for clean water projects this year.

He's an East Coast professional surfer and film maker. He's been dominating the surf scene since the age of sixteen (when he won his first contest). Now at the age of twenty-nine, he's set the benchmark for longboarding on the Eastern Seaboard-- which has landed him on the covers of Longboard Magazine and Eastern Surf Magazine. Mikey is an incredibly good guy, a great story-teller, and his whole life revolves around water. We're excited to see what comes of his birthday.


Why did you decide to do a birthday campaign for clean water? I'm turning 30 this year, so what better year to make something big happen with it? I'm not talking big, like rent out a yacht and sail around Sag Harbor all night, but something that will impact others in a big way- to give people clean water for my birthday.

How seriously do you embrace the spotlight on your birthday? I'm not really one to embrace it too much... Unless the surf is good, I'll do the ol' "it's my birthday, can I have this one?"

Name your top three mandatory birthday treats/indulgences.  My birthday's in August, so I try and go with my summertime treats: Oysters, lobster rolls and a bonfire.

Most embarrassing birthday wish you've ever made? I was surfing in the East Coast Championships a few years back. The final was on my birthday, and I remember wishing, "All I want for my birthday is to win this contest." Surfing contests are silly.

Which birthday do you remember looking forward to most -- and why?  I'm kind of looking forward to this one the most. I'm excited to turn 30. And it's on August 30th. 30/30! 

Which birthday would you love to re-live -- and why? My birthday is during the most active time of the East Coast's hurricane season. Two years ago, we had two perfect storms far enough off the coast to keep the weather unaffected and the waves perfect. I remember surfing all day at home and having the best time with my friends. Can't ask for anything more than that.

Best birthday surprise you've ever received? Last year, my amazing girlfriend, Lisa, threw me a surprise birthday dinner outside under the stars with my closest friends. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.