Matt used his 35th birthday to raise $10,435 for clean water projects in Ethiopia.

He's a professional quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and a really well-respected guy. Just to give you an idea, when he left the Seahawks in 2011, the team took out a full page ad in the The Seattle Times saluting him and his family’s contribution to the community. Matt has been a part of the Well, a membership program that funds our operating costs, since 2011. He’s one of the most genuine and kind individuals we’ve had the pleasure to work with.


What is your most memorable birthday? In 2011, we moved to Nashville to play for the Tennessee Titans after spending 10 years in Seattle playing for the Seahawks. Early in the season that year, we played a very good Denver Broncos team on my birthday. Many of my family and good friends from all over the country came to visit us in Nashville for the game. We played really well and beat the Broncos on a perfect Fall afternoon for football. It was so much fun celebrating afterward at our new house in Nashville with friends new and old.

What do you remember about your 21st birthday? I turned 21 as a senior in college. On my 21st birthday we had a home football game against the Naval Academy, and I had one of my best games ever. I remember a General and his entourage seeking me out around the 50 yard line to say, “Great game, son!” I almost felt like I was living out some sort of movie.

What’s your favorite type of birthday cake? When I turned 9 years old, my mom made my birthday cake out of chocolate chip cookie dough in the shape of a 9. She surrounded the 9 with Skittles. It was my favorite! We attempted to do the same thing for my daughter’s 9th birthday-- it’s almost a tradition in our family now.

Who would you most like to spend your birthday with? My family. A game of basketball in the driveway with my kids would be a great day for me.

If you could choose anyone in the world to sing you “happy birthday,” who would you choose and why? I would choose Si Robertson from the show ‘Duck Dynasty’ because I’m a fan and my kids would absolutely love it.