Lory gave up his 6th birthday to raise $2,386 for clean water projects in Rwanda.

Six-year old Lory has to be one of the cutest little dudes in New York City. He's a kid: he takes karate, collects Fatcaps toys and has an infinite amount of energy. But he also has a pretty mature awareness of the world. His mother is a journalist, and he was born in Nairobi. He's been to Africa many, many times. As a result of what he's seen, Lory decided to pledge his 6th birthday last year to help raise money for people in Rwanda. His 6th birthday! One of six birthdays that he's even experienced -- to do good for people on the other side of the world. He made two adorable YouTube videos (here and here) pleading for help, and eventually raised $2,386 -- well above the average birthday campaign.

When Lory is 13, he wants to start his own non-profit to bring food to people who need it most (to compliment what charity: water is doing), and we can't wait to work with him.


Why did you decide to do a birthday campaign for clean water? I got inspired by a video to help people from getting sick in the water crisis. I just didn't want everyone to get sick in the world, so I gave up my birthday to help people.

How much did you ask people to give? I asked people to give me $6 for my birthday because I don't want all of it; I just want a little. Because six plus six plus six can make a lot of money still. If you add at least 30 sixes, it would already be in the hundreds -- so that's what I did.

How did you tell people about your birthday campaign? I put one of my videos online. I was very scared to film it the first time, but the fourth time I just nailed it, and I wasn't scared anymore.

How did you feel when you raised all of that money? Happy. But I think to other people, they would miss their birthday presents, because they give it up on only $6. But it's worth it. I'm hoping that one kid out there in the world will listen to me for their 8th, 10th, 7th... any birthday to give up for charity. 

What was the best part of giving up your birthday? When I got to meet Scott Harrison.