Jessica used her 24th birthday to raise $6,398 for clean water projects in Ethiopia.

She's a beautiful actress in California-- known for her roles in Prom Night, Homecoming and 90210. Jessica has been a supporter of ours for several years now. She traveled with us to Ethiopia in 2010 to see things firsthand and then returned and promptly raised enough money to provide clean water to 319 people.


Which birthday do you remember looking forward to most -- and why? I really looked forward to my sweet 16. I was the youngest of my friends so anything that got me closer to being able to drive was a serious hallelujah moment.

Which birthday would you love to forget -- and why? 
My 13th birthday was excruciating. Again, I was much younger than my newly matured friends so the idea of having a party in a local gym was terribly dated. I put on an early 90s NOW music cd and watched the cooler kids stand awkwardly in their inappropriate street shoes, under the harsh, bright gym lights, not a one touching the various sporting accoutrement laying around. I think people just kinda left and I convinced myself that they just didn't want to get schooled in basketball...

How seriously do you embrace the spotlight on your birthday? The few big birthday bashes I've had were big enough that I can now keep things low key. I'd say I definitely prefer to minimize the spotlight on my birthday... unless it's a surprise party, then I'm the one singing the loudest. ;)

Most unusual birthday gift you've ever received? A friend of mine brought back a superbly random fertility statue from Mexico. It just sits there, staring at me. It might get moved outside.

Name your top three mandatory birthday treats/indulgences. My mom's coca-cola cake, mango margaritas, sunshine.

Why did you decide to do a birthday campaign for clean water? I have an amazing life, with more than I could ever need. Why not celebrate by bringing my generous friends together to literally provide the most important but basic need to hundreds of those without… clean water. I'm traveling with charity: water to Ethiopia, for the second time, later this year in May! I'll get to visit villages that now have clean water thanks to charity: water and the genius birthday campaigns. Best birthday present ever!