Erica used her 31st birthday and raised $3,534 for clean water projects in Rwanda.

An author and founder of the innovative do-it-yourself lifestyle brand P.S.- I made this and an influential part of the craft community (you've surely seen her on The Today Show, Rachel Ray, The Martha Stewart Show, or something similar). Erica is part of a cool Downtown New York community that's involved with us and has attended several charity: ball galas.


Best birthday surprise you've ever received? Last year my good friend Ahmir (aka Questlove) surprised me with a birthday dinner with all of my best friends. I am usually NEVER surprised, but he pulled it off in less than 24 hours.

Why did you decide to do a birthday campaign for clean water? When you realize, "I don't need any more material objects and I just want to celebrate with friends and family," the world is a lot brighter and lends itself to opening up your eyes for others. I thought, what better way to celebrate than to gift others that are in more need than myself. Doing well (no pun intended) by doing good is really the best gift I can give myself. My birthday campaign was the perfect thing to shower myself with.

How seriously do you embrace the spotlight on your birthday? Oh! I love birthdays. Sometimes I will celebrate mine for a whole month. True story.

Name your top three mandatory birthday treats/indulgences. 
Cake (no chocolate), ice cream, (no chocolate), and rice krispy treats!

Which birthday do you remember looking forward to most -- and why? 
My 30th birthday with my best friends was the best birthday ever! I had all of my BEST FRIENDS with me on a farm for a long weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate.

Which birthday would you love to forget -- and why? 
Two years ago I lost my Aunt Libby, and it was the first birthday without her cards, calls, and kisses. It was a hard one.

What birthday gift did you ask for and never receive?