Dana pledged her 40th birthday with a goal to raise $10,000 for clean water projects.

She's a 15-year hedge fund veteran who began her career as a lawyer. But she’s spent the past two years as a philanthropist, working on everything from micro-financing to AIDS education. Needless to say, she’s seen and experienced a lot. We met Dana at the charity: ball in 2011 -- where the cause resonated with her immediately. She started her own well project that very night and brought clean water to 250 people in Tanzania. She’s an incredible connector, donor, and advocate of our work-- and we’re thankful to have her help.


What is your favorite type of birthday cake?  Ummmm red velvet.

What is your most memorable birthday?  
When the people at my ultra conservative private equity office brought in a Madonna impersonator to sing me Material Girl.

Who would you most like to spend your birthday with? 
My dear amazing friends and loved ones; there is always a party.

What do you remember about your 21st birthday? I don't remember anything because it was my 21st!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
 A ballerina.

If you could choose anyone in the world to sing you “happy birthday,” who would you choose and why? Bono because I love him.

What does water mean to you?
 Everything!!!! I would die without my two smartwaters a day with lemon.  Its a basic right that everyone (including plants and animals should have).