Brooke used her 38th birthday to raise $57,927 for clean water projects.

Recently listed as one of Ad Age’s Women to Watch, Brooke is an amazingly hardworking and inspiring media relations & strategy guru in New York City. She traveled with us on a memorable trip to Northern Ethiopia in February of 2012-- and has been a close friend ever since then. Her recent birthday campaign, in honor of her parents, who she lost when she was sixteen, shattered expectations. A true testament to both her charming nature and amazing social influence.


What is your most memorable birthday? I have always loved celebrating my birthdays but I think my 35th where my friends and family all came together and I saw the intersections of so many different people on one night.
If you could choose anyone in the world to sing you “happy birthday,” who would you choose? Bono & Bill Gates in harmony.

What does water mean to you? My happiest memories and places I escape to all involve water. It cleanses the mind, body, and soul. I couldn’t imagine not having it at the snap of my fingers. Water is happiness, and water is life.

What is your most embarrassing birthday memory? Forgetting it was my 32nd and not my 31st.

What was your favorite game to play at a birthday party? I LOVED piñatas.

Do you have a birthday wish? To raise more awareness for charity: water and to travel to more places in the world to see the work they do.