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TOMS + charity: water
Teaming up again

TOMS has released a brand new, limited-edition collection of charity: water eyewear to help raise money for clean water. They're contributing $10 from the sale of each pair -- which will help bring water to thousands of households in Orissa, India. We're really excited about these.

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Our history with TOMS

TOMS has been working with us to help fund water projects since 2010. In addition to being the presenting partner of our charity: ball Waterwalk, they've also done two separate limited-edition shoes and donated $5 from the sale of each one. Take a look at the video on the left. These are 540 people in Sekura, Ethiopia who now have clean water thanks to the sale of the first shoe alone.

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Black Mycoskie

TOMS Founder and Chief Shoe Giver, Blake Mycoskie, joined
The Birthday Project by pledging his next birthday for clean water.

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