AONC + charity: water

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Author Chris Guillebeau started the site after volunteering in West Africa from 2002-2006. During his time overseas, Chris learned that the best way to reduce global poverty is to increase freedom and the rights of people to make their own choices. Bringing clean water to villages meets a basic human need that is a critical step in this process, and charity: water partners with local organizations on the ground to produce a dramatic, measurable difference.

By supporting AONC in one form or another, you're already a part of the project. Thank you! If you'd like to do more, you can do so through a direct donation of your own, by signing up as a blog partner.
Bloggers, you can also join as a sub-campaign where you promote this project to your readers. We ask for a minimum commitment of $2,000 over the course of one year. If you're up for that, drop us a note.

World Domination Comes to Ethiopia

Chris Guillebeau and AONC are teaming up with charity: water to address the critical needs of clean water in at least two Ethiopian villages.

The Unconventional Book Tour will visit every state and province in the U.S. and Canada from September 2010 – January 2011 (63 total meetups!). 20% of all overall author royalties are being donated in support of the cause, and 100% for every reader who comes out to a meetup.

In addition, 10% of all revenue from the Unconventional Guides business will also be invested in the project.

If you'd like to join in with your own contribution, you can do so right here.

Where does my donation go?
Your donation goes to direct project costs such as cement, piping and deployment of the necessary drilling equipment. Learn more >
The water crisis.
663 million people on our planet lack access to safe, clean drinking water. That's 1 in 10 of us. 80% of all disease is attributable to the lack of water and basic sanitation. Unsafe water claims more lives each year than war. Learn more >
How you can help.
You can help by funding clean water projects in Ethiopia and other countries across Africa and Asia. A water project can bring clean and safe drinking water to a community of 200 people. School water projects can change the lives of over 500 students. Sponsor a project >
Proving it on Google Earth.
charity: water proves every well built using photos, video, and GPS coordinates plotted on Google Earth. charity: water staff visit projects on the ground, monitoring the work being done with your money. See the wells on Google Earth >