Meet the students of Balkumari School in Nepal who used to get their water from a cave. They now have a tap station with clean water right outside their school.

Despite its gorgeous setting, the school grounds are modest, the chalkboards are frayed, and until December 2012, there was no running water.

The school’s only water source was in a small cave, located 20 minutes away, where a tiny stream trickled through the rocks.

It was used by all 480 students, and shared by animals wandering down the path.

Last year when the stream dried up, the school was forced to close. Kids were sent home for a month until the rains came again.

Balkumari teachers wrote to our local partner, Newah (Nepal Water for Health), for help.

With charity: water funding, Newah found a reliable source of clean water at the top of the mountain and used steel pipes to carry it down to six tap stands at the school below.

For the kids and teachers here, water has changed everything.

Now, with taps right outside the classroom, simple things like washing their hands (which was impossible before) have become a part of their daily routine.

And now that clean water is a tap turn away, recess is no longer a time to walk for water; it's a time to play with friends.

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photos by JEREMY SNELL