The Exhibition
More than 1,200 people attended the opening event at Chelsea Market and $30,000 was raised in one night. We covered Chelsea Market’s halls with photos, videos and facts about the water crisis. The exhibition stayed up for two months, teaching hundreds who pass through the market each day about the almost one billion living without access to safe drinking water.
Photos From The Evening
by Parker Young and Esther Havens
The Exhibition
100% of donations from the Chelsea Market event funded six freshwater wells in Uganda to serve 3,732 people with clean drinking water. People living in these areas used to walk over an hour to collect water from contaminated sources. Thanks to those who donated at the Chelsea Market event, these people now have safe drinking water. Each community has also received sanitation and hygiene training from our local partners.

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Artist Tom Beale constructed a “Wishing Well” to collect donations for water projects. Chelsea Market kept the well open for several months after the event — and raised $6,809 in loose change from passersby. charity: water volunteers then helped us clean the coins up enough for the bank to accept them. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process:

1. Teobwolo Village (Angeta Parish)
480 consumers
2. Alwit Village
744 consumers
3. Ilong Village
541 consumers
4. Amori East Village
450 consumers
5. Ayere Village
1,177 consumers
6. Bediworo Village
340 consumers