charity: water's 2011 Annual Report

A lot has happened this past year.
Read all about it in our Annual Report.

Our Work

It was another record year in the field. We invested in 10 different partners working on the ground in 15 countries. We funded 2,421 water projects that will give clean drinking water to more than 750,000 people in need. On top of that, we funded two drilling rigs that can drill 160 wells and serve 80,000 people each year.

We grew our people power by bringing on more staff, interns, volunteers, fundraisers, and supporters. We also increased support for our operations and closed the loop for every last mycharity: water donor through our new reporting tool, Dollars2Projects, which shows the impact of every dollar.

Total Progress Through 2011


2011 Growth

In 2011, we more than doubled the amount of funds we granted to the field. At the end of 2011, our total investment in water projects was $37 million, and with that, we’d served over two million people. But almost 800 million more still need water, and we’re aiming to help 100 million of them by the end of this decade.

$ Invested in Water Programs

Expanding Water Programs

The impact of our existing projects was impressive. But so was the amount of need still untouched. So in 2011, we invested more in India and Liberia. We doubled funding in Cambodia and Ethiopia. And in Malawi and Rwanda, we increased our funding eight-fold and nine-fold, respectively.

Building Capacity

Up to now, we’ve largely funded existing programs, with just a few dollars per grant allocated to capital costs. After five years of work, we’re convinced that the only way to help our partners grow, is to increase their capacity by investing in the things they need to scale -- like motorbikes, trucks, GPS devices, and tools.

Our supporters have been quick to understand the importance of these costs. In fact, they’re the ones who made the purchase of a drilling rig possible through the 2011 September Campaign. Learn more here »

*Learn about why we invest so much in Ethiopia in our 2009 Annual Report »

Our Projects On A Map

At charity: water, we’ve always believed in the power of proof. When we say we send 100% of public donations to fund water projects
for communities in need, we want you to see what we mean. Explore all our projects to date with GPS coordinates on Google Maps: